Big Savings On Used Cars During The Grand Opening Sale

Are you ready to purchase a used car in Orlando? Stop by Toyota of Orlando! Toyota of Orlando is having the Grand Opening Sale and during that time we have drastically reduced prices on our entire inventory! That’s right; the entire inventory! You will find incredibly low grand opening sale prices on every car on the lot!

Huge Savings & Selection During The Grand Opening Sale

There has been a goal set to sell 750 vehicles during the month of July. That means we are going to have to do whatever we can to get you behind the wheel that you choose. We are not refusing any reasonable offers! On top of that, we are continued the option for $99 down!

We want everyone to know we are giving top dollar for your trade-in! Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new! Trade-up to a newer car and cruise Central Florida in style! Don’t you think it is time for an upgrade?

Don’t forget to ask about the Auto Club at Toyota of Orlando. The Auto Club is there for everyone that is in need of establishing or reestablishing their credit. We don’t care if you have bad credit, no credit, bankruptcies, divorce, and charge offs, etc… We will get you into the car you want! Nothing makes us happier than telling someone you’re approved after they were turned down so many other times. Let Toyota of Orlando be the used car dealership in Orlando to put a smile on that face!

For more information on the Grand Opening Sale at Toyota of Orlando give our internet sales team a call at 888-725-3520. We will be happy to inform you on the many benefits of choosing Toyota of Orlando to be the used car dealership in Orlando for you.

Find Guaranteed Credit Approval At The Auto Club!

The Auto Club at Toyota of Orlando is here to help those that are ready to start fresh. Whether it is a first time buyer or someone who has hit bumps in that past, we are here to help. The Auto Club offers guaranteed credit approval for all used cars on the lot. There is no special section you would need to choose from you simply look at all the used cars and find the one that is right for you.

Many people think that purchasing a used car means you have to go to a used car dealership. That is entirely incorrect. Wouldn’t you much rather trust a well-known major dealership over that side-of-the-road; run-down, dirty, old used car dealership? Let’s be honest here… When have you ever walked into a buy here pay here and felt as if you were about to make a good decision? We are pretty sure not many can say that they have.

The Auto Club Offers Guaranteed Credit Approval On Used Cars

Toyota of Orlando is at a brand new location, bright and vibrant and staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people that are eager to earn your business. Unlike those typical used car dealerships in Orlando, our sales specialists are commission free. They are eager to earn your business simply because they love their job. They enjoy seeing their customers leave happy. The feeling knowing you got someone approved that was turned away from so many others is a great feeling.

There are many benefits to choosing the Auto Club at Toyota of Orlando over the competitors. You can have the reassurance that the used car you’re purchasing is of the best quality, because each of our used cars is thoroughly inspected by our very own highly trained Toyota certified technicians. The Toyota Certified used cars alone go through a 160-point quality assurance inspection. There are various levels of certification that you can learn about once you are at Toyota of Orlando.

Find Guaranteed Financing On Used Cars Thanks To The Auto Club

Guaranteed Credit Approval on Used CarsIn addition to knowing that the quality is good, you can know that the price will be good, too. We are a volume dealership and never haggle over price. Our goal is to sell the most and we accomplish that by never refusing any reasonable offers. We want to make sure you leave happy, so if that means giving everyone a great sales price, we will do it.

There are currently over 250 used cars you can sort through right now. It will be difficult for you to walk the lot without finding at least one that captures your attention. There are many used Toyota’s, along with a wide variety of the most popular used cars in the market right now.

Contact the Auto Club at Toyota of Orlando at 888-725-3520. The internet sales team will be happy to assist you by answering any questions you may have and setting up an appointment for you. Having an appointment allows the internet sales member to know when you’re coming so they can have everything set up and ready to go for you.

Used Car Dealerships In Orlando Have A New Rival!

Toyota of Orlando has set a goal to outshine all used car dealerships in Orlando.

On many occasions we have customers that come in unhappy with the car they purchased from a used car dealership in Orlando. When people come to Toyota of Orlando after purchasing from used car dealerships in Orlando they normally feel like they were taken advantage of. They feel as if they were lied to about the history of the car or were sold a car for a price that was well over the actual value of it.

Many people assume that the best place to buy a used car is from a used car dealership but that is not the case. Toyota of Orlando has a huge selection to choose from. You can make one stop, at one used car dealership in Orlando, and be able to test-drive many different makes and models. Doesn’t that sound better than hoping dealer to dealer checking those run-down, dirty, old used car dealerships in Orlando?

Many Reasons To Us Over Other Used Car Dealerships In Orlando

Orlando Used Car DealershipsOrlando used car dealershipUsed Car Dealerships in OrlandoOrlando used car dealer

When you purchase a car from Toyota of Orlando you have the peace of mind knowing it is a good quality car. Long before any used car gets put for sale they are inspected by our certified technicians to make sure they are ready to last for many years to come. Our Toyota Certified used cars alone undergo a 160 point Quality Assurance Inspection.

Another benefit for picking us over other used car dealerships in Orlando is the fact we are a volume dealer. That might not seem like much at first but it really matters. When someone drives into a used car dealership those salesman jump at the opportunity to sell that car and make as much money as possible. Toyota of Orlando has a completely different process that includes commission free salesman that their only job is to help you find a car you will enjoy. We sell hundreds of cars a month and do not feel the need to treat our customers like a number, we treat them like family.

There is more to that benefit. Since we aren’t the typical “sharks” you find in used car dealerships we will help you get the very best deal possible. If that means letting you know that you actually qualify for a new car at a low rate, we WILL tell you. Can you find a new Toyota car with excellent warranties and all the bells & whistles at a used car dealership in Orlando? Nope!

Give us the opportunity to show you why thousands have chosen Toyota of Orlando to be their go-to used car dealership in Orlando. Our internet sales team is ready to assist you so give them a call at 888-725-3520.

Used Car Dealerships In Orlando Don’t Receive Reviews Like These!

Orlando Toyota dealer reviews

Toyota of Orlando has recently received some great online reviews. Here is a few from Google that may help you decide to pick us over the rest!

Recently Jessica Hewkin said “Everyone was so helpful and so great! Customer care is clearly a top priority and I would recommend Toyota of Orlando to anyone!”

Another Google used wrote “The entire car buying process was simple and painless! Customer service really is a top priority and we were so pleased with how friendly and helpful everyone was – from our sales manager Bud (he was great!) to Sam the sales specialist and Mike the financial services manager, everyone invloved made the whole experience smooth and pleasant!”

“Justin and John were amazing to work with and I will most definitely be sending more people their way!!! Neils made all of the paperwork fun and fast and made sure to get us on our way into our brand new corolla!! I love these guys!!!” was said by another Google user.