Toyota of Orlando tips: Get the most out of your used car in Orlando!

Toyota of Orlando has an amazing selection of used cars in Orlando. Besides a large selection, you’ll be pleased to find each car was selected for its reliability and performance. We are a community-driven dealership that only chooses the best for our customers. Buying a used car in Orlando privately may not always be your best option. At Toyota of Orlando, you’ll be pleased to find each car has a CarFax report. You won’t need to go digging for details when they are provided for you!

Toyota used cars for saleWe also want our customers to get the most out their used cars. At our Toyota dealership, we also offer car service! Our staff is made up of Toyota certified technicians who know how to take care of every type of car. We can offer you tips on how to make your used car in Orlando go for miles and miles!

Our first tip is to have your coolant system checked regularly. Living in Central Florida, the heat can do crazy things to our cars. The coolant system is what keeps your engine running properly. When you purchase an Orlando used car, be sure to have the hoses and coolant levels checked and continue routine maintenance. If your system isn’t running properly, it may cause your engine to melt – literally.

Tires are often forgotten about on used cars in Orlando. Tire pressure is not only important for safety, but is important to how your car runs. Fuel efficiency may be affected by your tire pressure, as well. Our Toyota certified technicians can tell you exactly where your tire pressure needs to be.

Always take a few minutes to check out your car. Even when you’re shopping for a used car in Orlando, you should take a few minutes to walk around and check out the car. Notice any small dings or scratches, and notice how the tires look. Keep mental notes of these things, then every few weeks take a minute and inspect your car. You may notice warning signs like your tires not wearing evenly, which may lead to a bigger problem.
Lastly, you need to keep up with regular oil changes. We stress this time and time again. It’s easy to forget, but it’s extremely important. A used car in Orlando needs oil changes on a regular basis to maintain its efficiency. Our car service center in Orlando can help you remember to get your oil changed by sending you reminders. That way you’ll be sure to stop in! It’s a crucial step to keeping your car around for a long time.

When you’re ready to go car shopping, stop by and see us! We are located off of I-4, across from the Mall at Millenia. We are more than happy to take you through our used car lot. You can always give us a call at (888) 725-3520, if you’re looking for a specific model. Our Internet Sales Team will be happy to check the inventory for you. We will see you soon!

Many Used Car Dealerships in Orlando Don’t Offer As Much As Toyota Of Orlando!

used car dealerships in OrlandoToyota of Orlando strives to surpass all other used car dealerships in Orlando. How do we plan on doing that? By offering a larger selection with low prices, and much more. There are many things that separates Toyota of Orlando from other used car dealerships in Orlando. Toyota of Orlando is a volume dealer. That basically means that we will never haggle over price. We want to get you into a used car quickly. If that means giving you a great price… Fine!

Furthermore, At Toyota of Orlando we have guaranteed financing on used cars thanks to the Auto Club. The Auto Club is for those that are trying to rebuild their credit, or first time buyers. No other used car dealerships in Orlando have the Auto Club!

Since Toyota of Orlando sells new Toyota’s and Scion’s we give you an option that other used car dealerships in Orlando do not! That is the option to drive away in a new vehicle after you thought that a used car was your only option. You do not have that option when you approach a buy here pay here! Those used car dealerships in Orlando only care about making money. They want to put you in whatever car on the lot, and trick you into signing a contract that is not in your best interests. At Toyota of Orlando you are able to learn about all of your options which might include a new car!

Additionally, you can trust that the used cars in Orlando from us are excellent quality. Each car undergoes a vigorous inspection to ensure that they are great in quality. Gold Check Certified used cars have to pass a 125-point Quality Assurance Inspection and Toyota certified used cars have to pass a 160-point Quality Assurance inspection! No “Lemon” will ever make it to our lot!

Our Used Car Specials | Used Car Dealerships In Orlando

Used Cars Dealerships in OrlandoHere is one of our used car specials! It is a 2011 Toyota Corolla LE. The 2011 Toyota Corolla LE gives you air conditioning, AM/FM Stereo w/CD/MP3 & 6 Speakers, Dual front side impact airbags, Power door mirrors, and Power windows. Not a bad deal for $12,995!

We have plenty more used car specials at our used car dealership in Orlando. Don’t be afraid to stop in and see what we have to offer you. Nothing makes us happier than having another customer leave happy. Aren’t you ready to be a happy customer?

Contact Toyota of Orlando at 888-725-3520. Our sales associates are ready to help you get into a used car! Stop by Toyota of Orlando before you go to any other used car dealerships in Orlando!

A Used Toyota Dealer in Orlando Has the Two Award Winning Tacoma and Prius Models has created a list of the best 15 used cars models in different categories. At Toyota of Orlando, there are a variety of used Tacoma’s in the Compact Truck category and used Toyota Prius models from the Hybrid category.

Edmunds have made a list of the 15 best bet used cars for buyers. The nominations were rated on reliability, safety, value and availability. The list was limited to vehicles from the current model year up to seven years old.

In the top compact truck segment, the Toyota Tacoma was the perfect choice. The 2005-10 models of this pickup all feature a variety of trims, ensuring Orlando Toyota drivers that they will be able to choose which best suits them. Toyota knows how much truck drivers like to push their vehicle to the limit, and that’s why antilock brakes with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist come standard on all Tacoma models.

An Orlando Toyota Dealer has Award Winning Used ModelsToyota of Orlando

The Toyota Prius offered to Orlando Toyota customers is one of to be the world’s best-selling fuel-efficient vehicles, with more than 3.5 million cars sold worldwide. The 2011 model of this Toyota earns up to an incredible 51 MPG city and 48 MPG highway. With its 11.9-gallon tank, this four-door is sure to get you wherever you need to go!

The list includes a total of 11 different brands, but four appear twice, the Ford, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota. “Almost a million more used vehicles will be added to the industry this year as a result of more trade-ins on new-car sales,” said Ricky Beggs, auto analyst at Black Book USA. “This is a significant driver of lower prices, combined with additional rental cars being sold at auction and dealers preparing for the coming 2013 models.

Other models that are available at this used Toyota dealer in Orlando are models like the Camry, Sienna, Sequoia and Corolla. These models are offered at incredibly low prices! stop into Toyota of Orlando today to check out these remarkable vehicles!

For more information on these award winning models visit or call 888-471-2501.